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Picture yourself, Bible in hand, surrounded by like-minded believers, reliving those historical moments at the very spots where they occurred. It will truly be an unforgettable experience.


What will airport security be like?

Airport security for flights to and from Israel is among the most thorough in the world. Expect a complete check of your suitcase and hand luggage. This is often accompanied by a set of specific questions asked by a highly trained Israeli security specialist. Although you might feel intimidated, remain calm. The entire procedure is designed with your personal safety in mind. We can be thankful that Israel is so security conscious!

Are any shots or vaccinations required for travel to Israel?

You do not need shots or vaccinations to visit Israel.

Can I make my own travel arrangements and join the tour in Israel?

Individuals can make their own travel arrangements. Individuals can make their own travel arrangements. This option could be an attractive option for those wishing to redeem frequent flyer miles or for individuals who want to schedule an extension to Europe or some other destination. However, those choosing this option will be responsible for costs involved to get to the hotel to meet the group, and to the airport at the end of the tour if they don’t arrive or depart at the same time as the group. Morning Star Tours will be happy to help make arrival and departure transportation arrangements, if you would like. Once you have made your flight reservations, please forward your itinerary to Morning Star Tours and request them to make these arrangements based on your schedule.

Can I upgrade to business class or first class?

The Group Airfare seats being offered are non-upgradeable seats. However, business class seats may be available on these flights, as well as on alternate airlines/schedules. Contact Morning Star Tours at (972) 690-0092 to request a quote for business class seats.

What is the weather like this time of year?

Israel's weather in June is a weatherperson's delight—it almost never changes. Expect to encounter warm, sunny days and absolutely delightful evenings. Though it is remotely possible, it almost never rains in Israel in June.

Average high/low temperatures:

Jerusalem Tel Aviv Sea of Galilee Dead Sea
May 77/60 77/63 89/62 95/69
June 81/63 83/67 95/68 99/75

For more specific weather information, visit the Israel Forecast Site (select the F button for Fahrenheit).

How much walking will we do?

Israel is a land of beautiful hills and valleys, and we will be walking on many of them. The walks are not extremely strenuous, but be prepared to do some walking over uneven terrain. The best way to prepare is to begin walking, on a daily basis, in the shoes you will be wearing while in Israel. Some people are surprised by the amount of up- and downhill walking required on a trip to Israel, so we strongly encourage participants to take seriously the need to begin walking prior to the trip.

Will I get motion sickness on the tour bus?

It is a very large bus and most people have no problems. However, if you are prone to motion sickness, you may want to bring along some Bonine or Dramamine.

Can I extend my stay in Israel?

The answer is a qualified "yes." Individuals could remain in Israel to do additional exploring on their own. The tour operator can help make the necessary hotel arrangements, but the individual would be responsible for arranging his or her own itinerary for those days.